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Here’s the great thing about oak cabinets – they’re solid wood not the interiors necessarily, but the doors at least. In particular, oak cabinets from the 1980s and 90s are my faves as MAN do they stand : the test of time and only after 30 years of wear and tear do they need some love kind of like me, wink wink. You did a wonderful job! Im a fellow DIY-er , and we just bought a new home with all of the wonderful honey oak! Im going to start with the kitchen cabinets, and move my way to trim and bathroom cabinets, as well as the banister in the foyer. You mentioned that you just finished doing your bathroom cabinets too 8211 do you have photos? Also, I saw you comment on a post that the banister was less time consuming than the cabinets. Do you have instructions for those or photos as well? Lastly, Im going to be doing our trim its oak currently. What would you suggest doing to tackle those? Thank you!average kitchen renovationIf you’re thinking about a kitchen renovation, chances are you’ve been gathering inspiration photos and imagining how you want the space to look, function, and feel. After all, your kitchen is the heart of your , home. Countless meals and memories are made there. And of course, it’s where inexplicably everyone at the party gathers. So it’s no wonder that , you want a kitchen that works for you. The important question is: how much will it cost to get the kitchen of your dreams? The upscale kitchen remodel costs compared here are for kitchens of about 400 square feet. In our prices for upscale kitchens, we did not factor in costs for the much more expensive and not often used imported or quarry-selected stone counters or professional grade stoves and ovens. Practically, every household loves to save a few bucks for their full kitchen renovation. With that, we are giving out these expert tips for you to keep in mind when you’re undertaking your complete kitchen remodel.average cost of home depot kitchen remodelThe last thing you want is to run out of money mid-way through your kitchen renovation, so it’s vital to determine your “all in” kitchen budget. If your budget is $10,000 total, determine your priority list. Properly pricing out and comparing all of the components that go , into a DIY kitchen remodel versus a professional remodel gives you a clear understanding of where your money will be going and if your budget is realistic. Most of the time, you dont even get to meet the subcontractor who is installing the project until they show up at your home to complete the contracted services. Depending on the service youve selected, you might not even know the name of the company or any relevant information about them like reviews, insurance, contractors license number, etc8230 Most Homeowners are wary of having strangers come to do work in their home. Having a trusted, vetted employee inside your home is a top priority for many homeowners, as well as making sure the job gets done right. """""""""